White House Posts Survey Asking Which Agencies Trump Can Eliminate – “Office of President” Included

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Back on March 13, Donald Trump decided to make good on his campaign promise of overhauling the federal government and making things more efficient in Washington.

Somehow, I imagine that will turn out just like all of Trump’s campaign promises: it will be broken. After all, rethinking, redesigning, and ultimately rebuilding the entire federal government from the ground up is a rather “big league” task.

Indeed, one might go so far as to say it’s impossible, implausible, and decidedly undesirable given the fact that, populist protestations notwithstanding, the current system “works” — where “works” means our system has managed to create the most powerful nation state the world has ever seen in the short space of 241 years.

But Trump’s going to give it a go, and in what I can only describe as “the funniest thing I’ve seen this month,” the administration has posted a survey on its official website called “Reorganizing the Executive Branch: We Need Your Input!” Here’s the OMB Director to explain:


Now then, what you’re being asked to do here is select from a series of dropdown menus which agencies/offices you’d like to see eliminated.

You’re encouraged to click on the link above and peruse them for yourself, but you’ll note that some of the agencies on the chopping block include:

  • the US Mint
  • the CIA
  • the Food Safety & Inspection Service
  • the Census Bureau
  • the Patent Office
  • the “entire” Department of Defense
  • the “entire” State Department
  • the Army
  • the Navy
  • the Air Force
  • the Department of Education
  • the FDA
  • the “entire” Justice Department
  • and “the entire” Office of the President

Your responses are due by June 12.

So get started.


3 comments on “White House Posts Survey Asking Which Agencies Trump Can Eliminate – “Office of President” Included

  1. This would make for mildly funny sketch satire episodic comedy series ala “Benson.” Unfortunately, it’s FOR REAL!

    • That should have ready, “This would make for a mildly funny sketch or satire episodic comedy series ala “Benson.”

      Would you believe me if I said my proofreader was off for Good Friday?

      I didn’t think so.

  2. Anonymous

    Food Safety & Inspection Service added by Trump personally when the kitchen at his Marlarshit Club was cited for record setting 13 serious violations! Complete incompetence and disregard for patron’s safety! Just like frump himself, all fancy riches on the outside and all poison on the inside. Never never eat there!

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