Video: Lawmaker Markwayne Mullin Is Sick Of Taxpayers’ “Bullshit”

Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.) – who, like Ricky Bobby, has two first names – is aggravated.

And he’s aggravated for the same reason that Donald Trump is aggravated.

See, taxpayers have it in their heads that the government isn’t a business. Or, if it is a business, they (the taxpayers) aren’t customers. Rather, if the government is a business (let’s call it a 7-Eleven for argument’s sake), they own the goddamn store.

That is so maddeningly irritating for people like Trump and Markwayne Mullin.

Because what it means is that very much unlike when you own a business, when you’re a politician, you don’t get to tell people what to do. They get to tell you what to do. That’s how it works. Because in voting for you and in paying taxes, they are your employer.

Well, fuck that.

Or at least that’s the way Markwayne from the Second District of Oklahoma feels about it. Listen below as he explains to his constituents how the idea that they “pay for him to do this is bullcrap.”

Here’s the thing Markwayne: just because you make money in other ventures doesn’t mean you don’t work for your constituents. Let me explain…

Let’s say I’m the CEO of a giant multinational but inexplicably I decide to work the night shift at a convenience store. Just because I make more as the CEO of my multinational doesn’t mean I get to tell the owner of the convenience store that I won’t clean the toilets when he asks me.

Markwayne says he “does this as a service.”

Well, my advice to taxpayers in Oklahoma would be to tell him – at the ballot box – that his “services” are no longer needed.


2 thoughts on “Video: Lawmaker Markwayne Mullin Is Sick Of Taxpayers’ “Bullshit”

  1. Mr Mullin collects hundreds of thousands if not millions of $$$$$ from bigly businesses of all ilk.That is who he works for………….

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