ISIS Throws In The Towel On Trump: “You’re Being Run By An Idiot”

For a while there, it looked like Donald Trump might be the best thing to happen to extremist groups since the CIA funneled money and arms to theĀ Mujahideen in Operation Cyclone.

See the assumption was that Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric would be used by ISIS and al-Qaeda as a recruiting tool.

Alas, even the Islamic State has seemingly thrown in the towel on the President. As it turns out, it’s difficult to use someone as a recruiting tool when it’s readily apparent to recruits that he doesn’t even know where Syria is.

On Tuesday, in a rare public statement, the group’s official spokesperson Abi al-Hassan al-Muhajer delivered the following simple assessment:

You [are] being run by an idiot who does not know what Syria or Iraq or Islam is.



3 thoughts on “ISIS Throws In The Towel On Trump: “You’re Being Run By An Idiot”

  1. Mr Heisenberg, I very much respect your opinion and your ability to explain the complexities of the market…so on usdebtclock, how can there be $622 Trillion of currency and credit derivatives if the sum total of our national assets is only $130 Trillion??? Confused in the Deep South…keep up the great writing…I have a 4-piece-a-day habit šŸ˜‰


  2. Enthused at receiving confirmation of your political biases from ISIS. LOL. I bet Kim Jong Un thinks Trump is an idiot too. Gotta love the extent to which you’ll bend your brain to find common cause.


  3. Don’t really need any other confirmation and my brain is bent any way, doesn’t change the FACT that Trump/Bannon are dangerous idiots. Right, it’s just a few lost progressives and Isis who view POTUS in a horrific way. Wait for it—-36% approval. Get it, got it good. Reality can be a bitch.


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