Look How “Weak” Obama Was On Deportation!

Warning: Sarcasm dead ahead.

Warning: Sarcasm dead ahead.
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3 comments on “Look How “Weak” Obama Was On Deportation!

  1. Anonymous

    Bush’s “catch and release” policy ended in 2006 when they changed policies. It would appear that in 2006 they began to count those caught at the border as being deported and they hadn’t been included previously. That seems to explain why Bush’s last two years are closer to Obama’s numbers. While Obama obviously wasn’t “weak,” comparing to Bush probably wouldn’t change Trump’s mind. He probably thinks Bush was weak on immigration too.

  2. Curt Tyner

    Well (more sarcasm ahead) we obviously need more $$$ spent on all our borders with all those aliens streaming in, “it’s out of control down there”. “Obama was a disaster on immigration”, I don’t know why I voted for the guy. That Obama always lying, cheating, tying everything up in court he would do anything to get elected…. Oh wait ….. bad dream …..

  3. Hope Trump can enforce the law 100%.

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