Wells Fargo Offers To Address Heisenberg’s Concerns – “No Account Numbers” Necessary

Now to be fair, Wells Fargo research versus say, research from Goldman or Morgan isn’t exactly an apples-to-apples comparison.

I know that, and so this tweet was admittedly a bit Don Quixote-ish:


I’m also reasonably sure that Wells probably didn’t know with whom their notes were being compared, but the bank gets an “A” for effort on Thursday because, in a valiant attempt to perhaps avoid showing up (again) in the Heisenberg’s “Bullsh*t Research” column, they reached out to let me know that they’re here to help.

And indeed, I don’t even have to give them my account number to lodge my complaint:


Of course given Wells Fargo’s history with “acct numbers”…


… you can understand why I just couldn’t help myself…




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