US Beer Market Hit By Heisenberg Effect

Long-time Heisenberg fans are well acquainted with my penchant for fine spirits. Unfortunately for local watering holes, upscale Manhattan bars,
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7 comments on “US Beer Market Hit By Heisenberg Effect

  1. byebyebye

    millions of people take the Old Testament literally, it was written two thousand years ago, some in Hebrew, some in Aramaic, and says pretty much everything and its opposite, so it’s only fair a few folks would take your post (in current English, and formatted properly to include the vision challenged) literally. If only the Twitterer in chief now posted something bearish for the beer and liquor industry; good entry points are always welcome.
    Don’t feel too guilty, i am sure at the next correction or recession there will be a few good folks willing to make up for the reduced demand.
    Long Diageo, Heineken, Pernod, Brown-Forman, as well as several Pharmaceutical companies (it’s the circle of life!)

  2. Stop drinking so much, we don’t want to lose you!

  3. LOL! I love this!

  4. Curt Tyner

    Yep, it’s all you my friend. Don’t beat yourself up. It will be better tomorrow, or NOT.

  5. Beer? You should track bourbon.

  6. Anonymous

    ahh ah it’s pot dude

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