Tuesday Humor: Cramer On Pizza

Tuesday Humor: Cramer On Pizza

Last month, Snapchat said they were a “camera company.”

And in case that wasn’t retarded enough an assertion, they went on to explain in their S-1 that they intend to “reinvent the camera.”

Well, just like Snap is a “camera company” with an app rather than what we all know it is which is an app that requires a camera, Domino’s is apparently now a tech company that happens to make pizzas rather than a pizza company with an app.

Below, find an exchange between Jim Cramer and two of his Twitter followers that supposedly underscores this point.

Note that what you’re about to read is a veritable miracle of comedic efficiency. It’s hard to imagine that the stars will ever align again in such a way that allows so much senseless bullsh*t to be crammed into so few words (and when you read the third tweet, do try and imagine it coming from a guy who would choose that picture as a profile image).



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