This Is What The Top Looks Like


At some point in the maybe-distant, maybe not-so-distant future, we will look back and realize that March 2, 2017 was the day we all got together and decided that $24 billion was about right for a company whose business model revolves around disappearing Sexts and putting deer ears on teenagers’ selfies…


4 comments on “This Is What The Top Looks Like

  1. Anonymous

    marriott? target? ‘big tech player’? just needs a 12 fold increase in revenues to be at 5x SALES…..complete lunacy

  2. Anonymous

    pisani doesnt even realize how foolish it sounds even

  3. Anonymous

    Not like this is the first time you are seeing such market behavior

  4. Curt Tyner

    Can things get any more absurd? Why, I must say, YES they can and will.

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