Trader To Trump: “You’ve Got One More Chance To Deliver”

Trader To Trump: “You’ve Got One More Chance To Deliver”

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's all about the narrative. The reflation narrative, that is. That's what's gotten us this far in terms of the repricing of rates, the jump in the dollar (YTD meandering notwithstanding), and record high stocks. But that narrative is being tested everyday as traders and investors are looking for the Trump administration to prove they're serious about tax reform and fiscal stimulus. Essentially, the market's question for Trump is this: did you mea
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One thought on “Trader To Trump: “You’ve Got One More Chance To Deliver”

  1. Just to again point out one of the few (but persistent) errors in your political analysis:

    “or was this really all about duping us into voting for you so you could implement Steve Bannon’s social agenda?”

    Trump voters voted on social side of his populist message (Bannon agenda) just as much, if not more, than the fiscal side. The reflation trade is known to traders and depends on the purportedly reflationary items like tax reform and infrastructure, but it is of no concern really to John and Jane Doe sporting MAGA hats.

    They weren’t duped, they were seduced…and are expecting to score.

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