8 thoughts on “A Subtle Reminder, Attorney General Edition

  1. Not subtle and not at all detailed.

    Can you please provide the specifics of the charge(s) and/or the relevant credible references for those of us not deeply rooted in AL but still concerned about the activities implied in this letter?

      1. My original request was for nothing more than specific and credible references related to the serious charges leveled by the author of the letter you cited. The letter itself does not contain any details such as dates, locations, investigations, outcomes, etc. To simply reply that the author of the letter is credible, without providing supporting facts regarding the charges, would not be adequate for ANY topic discussion or proceeding wherein serious claims are made and suggests nothing more than biased, circular reasoning.

      2. Appearances can be deceiving as I certainly do know who Mrs. King was. And, to say the least, she and her husband are held in my highest regard. But that has nothing to do with the specifics of her claims regarding Sessions. IF her claims are true then any such fellow as AG would be an abomination.

        Unfortunately, Mrs.King’s letter was long on history and short on specifics to support her claims. Since you had decided to broach this subject I was hoping that your could provide some sort of factual basis. Instead, you referred me to your friend Google. Your bud gave me 31 million plus hits and I wish I could say that I was closer to knowing what actually transpired back in the 80’s in AL but I can’t (does anyone?). The following links gives some idea why it is difficult to make a good assessment. (Note the interview with Albert Turner, Jr)



        In the end, one wonders if the current dilemma could not have been avoided if there had been live testimony in the 80’s as opposed to an unpublished/unmentioned letter that was hidden from the public for decades.

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