Monday Humor (Trump Banned From UK Parliament)

Monday Humor (Trump Banned From UK Parliament)

Once again, I ask: “winning?”

From Bloomberg:

U.S. President Donald Trump must not be allowed to address the U.K. Parliament during a state visit to Britain, House of Commons Speaker John Bercow said.

Prime Minister Theresa May invited Trump to visit the U.K., but there have been calls by lawmakers not to give the president the honor of addressing both houses of Parliament after he introduced a ban on people from some majority-Muslim countries traveling to the U.S.

4 thoughts on “Monday Humor (Trump Banned From UK Parliament)

  1. Bercow is a nobody who does not speak for the government and is barely a Tory. He is deeply unpopular among Tories.
    “Bercow’s election as Speaker was controversial because he is believed to have had the support of very few MPs from his own party. Fellow Conservative MPs generally viewed Bercow with distrust because of his changing political views (having moved over the years from being very right-wing to become more socially liberal, leading to clashes with past party leaders), his acceptance of an advisory role from the Labour government (a party he had often been rumoured to be on the verge of joining), his general lack of good relations with fellow MPs from his own party, and his vigorous campaigning for the Speaker’s job. It has been speculated that he received the votes of as few as three of his fellow Conservative MPs. However, he received the votes of a large number of Labour MPs, many of whom were angered at the way they perceived Michael Martin to have been hounded out of the job and wanted his replacement to be someone who was not a favourite of the Conservative Party.”

    1. Is that sort of like an un-judge, a un-speaker. Question??? Was this fellow an elected Speaker or not? If so then he is speaking for someone.

  2. Trump is a head of state. As such he has been invited by the Queen, not the government. The Queen is extremely unlikely to revoke an invitation once it has been extended and accepted.

  3. On this day February 6, 2017, we gladly celebrate Her Royal Majesty’s Ascension to the Throne of The United Kingdom and Commonwealth 65 years ago. If this wise and gracious lady has offered her invitation to President Trump all loyal British & Commonwealth subjects must dutifully honour that decision. Let us hope Mr. Trump keeps his hands to himself and comes no closer than 1 meter from her at any time. God Save The Queen! When he comes to my country, (Canada) let us hope only our Parliamentary Leaders meet with him privately and he does not have to address us from our Houses of Canadian Parliament! God save us all.

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