Sorry Donald, You Can’t Build An Autocracy Here

Sorry Donald, You Can’t Build An Autocracy Here

Sitting here on (another) tranquil Sunday in island paradise (where the only drama is the Gangs Of New York-ish squirrel turf battle raging in the trees just off my porch) I've got to tell you that I'm starting to wonder whether the entertainment value attached to Donald Trump's fast motion meltdown doesn't outweigh the consequences of his being President. I know this is an exceptionally selfish way to look at things, but unless Trump causes a mushroom cloud somewhere (which isn't entirely ou
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4 thoughts on “Sorry Donald, You Can’t Build An Autocracy Here

  1. H-Great point with the Bush 2 view, most people didn’t hate Bush, Cheney/Rove different story. The Donald is moving toward some kind of blow-up or blowout I know not which. Your geopolitical take yesterday was spot on and will have I think a huge effect on this presidency. With the fact that this group IS really dangerous and we have more erosion to our already limited freedoms every day. You are absolutely right Pence is waiting in the wings if need be to change the discussion yet again. For many years not all but many politicians have not paid a price for not shielding the largest part of our population from dubious policy models. It just feels like a big historical event is happening before our very eyes yet like a very bad dream we can’t do a thing about it, except Wake Up.

  2. I was not a Trump supporter, I was a never Hillary voter. However, I did recognize the overwhelming democratic sympathies of the press and so did my own homework before voting, as did most of the people I know. (I live in flyover country)
    I would say that as long as money supports the riots and protests and as long as the participants receive positive coverage and encouragement from the media and democrats and faculty (not to mention police and city officials) that these will keep occurring and will even possibly get worse. President Trump will not get respect on either coast, but the heart of the country does respect him and expects him to bring sanity and the Constitution back to Washington.
    You might not be aware of how much Obama yanked the Constitution out of alignment. He didn’t just issue executive orders, he actually changed existing legislation with executive orders. He refused to enforce laws passed by the House and the Senate before he was even elected. He essentially set himself up as a dictator by choosing which laws he would enforce and even further which group of people he would apply the law to. Does that deserve respect? Did the press report that as the flagrant violation of the Constitution that it was? There was much more.
    Trump is issuing executive orders, it is true, but the difference is that they are Constitutional. They address an issue he is responsible for, national security, legally you cannot prove a religious test but even if you could, the Constitution does not apply to non-citizens.
    I really did enjoy reading your post, even though I know I sound hyper critical. I would just like to mention that I have seen no proof that he is trying to establish an autocracy. From what I have read about his background and comments from people who have known him, that wouldn’t really fit. I would believe a political dynasty similar to the Kennedys (which isn’t really well favored by the American people) but not autocracy.
    Also, most people do not report graft on their tax returns. Sorry for the sarcasm, but I am a little tired of this, not your fault. My belief is that he should give the government accountants whatever is asked for, which he did. But no person should have to publicize their tax returns to serve the nation as president. It is obviously not much more than a belligerent attempt by political opponents to go hunting in a HUGE tax document.
    Sorry for the long response, thank you for posting!

    1. PLEASEEEEE!!! Barack Obama was our 44th president whether you wanted him or not. It is your right to respect the Orange/julius (as in Caesar) all you want however, please don’t lecture any people of this country about who they should or shouldn’t protest against, it is called the 1st amendment. In my opinion this administration is dangerous to our country, and YES I want to see Trump’s tax returns (you should to in my humble opinion) because 300+ million people deserve to know what he is hiding from us. PLEASEEEE don’t talk about his privacy, HE doesn’t want to for SOME REASON(S). WHAT WOULD THAT BE??? Look “heart of America” I don’t give a sh*t why you want to support all the evil crap these people represent, just TRY to get some real FACTS from somewhere other than Fox “so called news” or Breitbart “bullsh*t” propaganda. The tweeter in chief is a joke and sorry you don’t get it yet but you will. Do you really think all those people rallying against this BS are getting paid? PLEASE!!! They just might have a good reason so maybe you ought to find out why millions of folks THINK so.

      1. It is ok. I do not watch Breitbart at all and I rarely watch Fox, although some people do think so. I look things up, I research companies and people and since I have some background in law I also read cases and opinions and documents, etc. I just do not trust the media much, not any of them.
        I did not mean to offend and I apologize for doing so. I think we just have different views. I have a suspicion that we are very far apart in age also.
        My best wishes to you in all that you do. My hope for this president is the same as it was for the last one, that America has a peaceful and prosperous four years and that we will be better off at the end of it. Whether my president was a democrat or a republican, once he becomes president he must lead the country and we must all work to make it a better place for ourselves and for our children.

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