More Wednesday Humor (“Sidestep The Carnage”)

Any takers on Harry Dent’s premium service?

Just bet on Dow 6,000 and you too can “sidestep the carnage” and “secure a legacy of wealth as it happens“…


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6 thoughts on “More Wednesday Humor (“Sidestep The Carnage”)

  1. I used his basic service when I was just learning. He was right about the dollar UUP but several years too early. His individual stock picks were in my opinion only guesses. His ideas have some general relevancy but I would not bet on or pay for his timing.

  2. We have this guy at 6K, we have another at 31K, we are at 20K, lets see I’m gonna guess ????? Wow your brilliant!!! PLEASEEEEEE.

  3. I have read Harry’s books and his periodic content. In general I believe he is right I also believe Heisenberg is right but today we crossed 20K and volatility is where? In the current environment being “right” does not make you correct. I agree with Larry in that Harry’s timing has been poor but only perma bulls seem to be right anymore.

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