Thursday Chart Check (Smell Test Edition)

Economic policy uncertainty: up.

Leverage: up.

Spreads: compressed??


(Charts: Citi)

So the takeaway is: when this mean reverts (and it will), either uncertainty and leverage have to come down, or spreads have to blow out.

You decide which is more likely in the prevailing environment.

As for the current situation illustrated in the charts shown above, Citi’s Matt King puts it best: “Something doesn’t smell right.”

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3 thoughts on “Thursday Chart Check (Smell Test Edition)

  1. Most non-investing people out here (most people) I talk to almost daily know that something is wrong, you can see it in their eyes and statements. Fear is the overriding emotion mixed with (What?) to do about it. When asked about saving for tomorrow you are looked at with, WHY. People need to READ and inform themselves about What is going to HAPPEN to them in the immediate future. Sadly it probably is already to late for most.

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