Trump Tweets Absurd New Year’s Eve Message To Haters

President-elect Donald Trump has tweeted some truly ridiculous things over the last several days while the Obama administration attempted to answer
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2 comments on “Trump Tweets Absurd New Year’s Eve Message To Haters

  1. A non-story. Watch, instead, what the outgoing is doing.

  2. Curt Tyner

    Such is politics today- Viewed as the enemy, opposition to ideas should be discussion and not war. The top 1% already have too much say in our politics, the status quo is good, $$$$$ is power/power is $$$$$. Hey, how is that citizens united thing working out for you amerika !!! Trump is just the end result of the status quo again. What a great gig politics is lying, cheating, stealing, and when those don’t work, stand in front of a camera a tell everyone who will listen what I said yesterday isn’t what I said even though it on tape. As we sink further into the debt black hole the only people who don’t give a shit are people who afford to not give a shit. Trump has more to gain than most of us because his wealth is tied to the status quo especially cheap $$$. Heisenberg Report is one of the most helpful and honest site’s around. No BS period. Later

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