Trump To Trump: “Thanks Donald”

Trump To Trump: “Thanks Donald”

Ok, so this is all over the place this morning (i.e. I'm hardly the first one to comment on it), but after Wednesday's post I'd be remiss if I didn't mention it. So yesterday in my recap of the stellar Consumer Confidence number, which printed at its highest level since 2001, I led with the following: In that post (which was dripping with sarcasm), I put forth a suggestion: I’m really not sure why the Conference Board even bothered
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2 thoughts on “Trump To Trump: “Thanks Donald”

  1. Consumer confidence and or the reading of it are notoriously and demonstrably wrong. “Highest since 2001…” really, wasn’t that when Dot.Com bubble began to collapse? So, much for consumer insight. If you think about it, consumers are mostly reactionary, spending previous earned income, so any economic confidence they might have is backward looking at best.

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