Entire 2016 Election Wins “Lie Of The Year”

Entire 2016 Election Wins “Lie Of The Year”

Well, the results are in for Politifact’s Readers’ Poll “Lie of the Year”, a competition for most significant falsehood as chosen by readers.

And the winner is: the entire 2016 election.

Running a close second is Donald Trump’s claim of election fraud and a well-deserved third, fake news sites that print “made up stories which go viral” (I won’t name any names here, but those who follow finance blogs are probably well aware of at least one of these web properties). “Fake news” one first place in the editors’ poll.

Here are the full results:


One thought on “Entire 2016 Election Wins “Lie Of The Year”

  1. Even these results are false: Regarding Hillary receiving and or sending out classified emails from her private server. I’m pretty sure if Politifacts had bothered to look – there is explicit FBI video testimony shown on the major networks of James Comey stating that in hearings that none of the email materials that Hillary received and transmitted on her home server were not “classified” at the time she received and or sent them out. Frankly, I don’t care, but I distinctly remember this.

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