Traders Kevin Muir, of MacroTourist fame, and Patrick Ceresna, the brains behind Big Picture Trading, get together every weekend to discuss the week’s action in the markets – always keeping the other’s feet to the fire for bad calls – yet hopefully having some fun while learning a little something in the process.

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Holiday Special Part 1 (guest: Jack Schwager)

Trades That Work No Matter What (guest: Frances Donald)

Pancaking Curves (guests: Alex Manzara, Jeff Desjardins)

Dumbest Man Alive (guest: Michael Green)

Applying Chicago School to Energy (guest: Josh Young, Brent Kochuba)

Put On Your Commodity Hat (guest: David Kreisa)

Take Your Losses Quickly (guests: Nick Givanovic, Morris Sachs)

Monetary Dominance (guest: Lyn Alden)

The Tequila Theory of Money (guests: Ronald Stoeferle, Kuppy)

Dirty Harry of the Oil Market (guest: Tracy Shuchart aka @chigrl)

Weaponized Gamma (guest: Brent Kochuba, Angie Setzer)

Cocktail Party (guest: Morris Sachs)

Invest In A World That Is (guests: Michael Batnick, Kuppy)

Macro Chatting with Chase (guest: Chase Taylor)

USD & Bond Bulls Aren't Over (guests: Steven Van Metre, Julia Cordova)

Never Panic, Never Give Up (guest: Harley Bassman)