Is This It? Day Of Reckoning Arrives For Cryptocurrencies As Selloff Deepens Amid BitConnect News

You’ll forgive us for saying this (actually you won’t if you’re a crypto proponent) but it kind of feels like this is the beginning of the end for the cryptocurrency craze.


Ripple Collapses To Monday Flash Crash Lows. Dip-Buyers Assemble!

Don’t say no one told you how to BTFD.

Sign Of The Times.

Well, in what we can only describe as a sign of the surreal times in which we live (and trade)…

Ripple Reality Vs. ‘Crack Crypto Cocaine To Retail Addicts’

“…you still need to assume that the major central banks simply pat Ripple execs on the fanny, say good game and thank you for destroying big chunks of our business, we’ll just sit in the corner and go f*ck ourselves as you steal our money printing power.”

Peak Ripple? Chris Larsen Lands In The New York Times Amid ‘Insane’ Rise On Forbes List

“There’s absolutely nothing driving this rally except rampant FOMO, misinformation, and speculation.”

Bitcoin Surges Back Above $16,000 In Abrupt Early Morning Move

And not a moment too soon for the bulls.

Look Out Jeff Bezos: Ripple Co-Founder Now Richer Than Google Co-Founders

This is so laughable that the English language is not a sufficient tool…

Ripple Co-founder Chris Larsen Now Richer Than Ray Dalio And Carl Icahn

“…there is no guarantee that any of these folks will still be billionaires when Forbes publishes its next list in March.”

Bitcoin ‘Dominance’ Approaches All-Time Low Amid Furious Fidget Spinner Rally

Fortunately, there’s still time to “diversify”…

‘Flippenings’ And Fidget Spinners: Ripple Mania Goes Parabolic

This should be fine.