Yen Falls After Japanese Election As Nikkei Eyes Record Winning Streak

Now we’ll see if this is enough to propel the Nikkei to a 15th consecutive winning session.


Nikkei Ties All-Time Record With Cartoonish 14th Consecutive Gain And Really, Why The Hell Not?

Records, like rules, were made to be broken and the Nikkei is one session away from breaking a record. 

Mild Turbulence.

Fasten your seatbelts.

Stark Raving Mad.

“Let me in.”

Close Your Eyes And Buy.

Don’t worry about the orange man.

The Quiet Bull Market You’re Not Paying Enough Attention To

“It seems like everyone is all bulled up on America. Well, sold to them. I am more interested in buying the quiet rising market which everyone is skeptical of, rather than the frothy expensive one that everyone loves.”

To Neverland And Beyond.

“… because the idea that what you see in that chart has nothing to do with what you see in the two charts below is clearly ridiculous.”

Nothin’ But A Dumb Bear.

“Smack! Smack!”


Another day, another…

Apocalypse Now (Again).

Well for those who had their doom bunkers all prepped and ready, there’s “good” news on Tuesday – the apocalypse is back on.


“What more could a Japanese equity bull want?”


Kim Jong-Un looks like he’s losing his ability to move markets.

Them’s Fightin’ Words.

There’s tension in the air.

You Should Have Just Gone To The Bar.

Generally speaking, this week’s theme (reflation back on in the U.S. as stocks, the dollar, and yields all rise in tandem) held, as there was no news “bigly” enough to change the narrative.

Make Risk Great Again.

Now stay tuned to find out if Kim bought some VXX today on the cheap so he can fire off an ICBM this evening and make a few million to put towards his next H-bomb.