Asia Rally Dies On The Vine, But On The Bright Side, There’s A German Coalition

Ok, so there’s good news on Wednesday morning and there’s also some not-so-good news.


Black Tuesday: The Asian Stock Rout In Pictures


Japanese Stocks Crash At The Open, Volatility Explodes Higher

Asia is open.

And it is not pretty.

Black Monday.

The bottom fell out.

Stock Selloff Goes Global – Let’s Hope This Improves Overnight

Irrespective of how things pan out, this is indicative of how quickly things can go awry. 

Judgment Day.

“… and the sun became black as sackcloth.”

In Asia: A Sea Of Red On Tuesday

The screens are red. Might need to reboot.

Bloody Thursday In Asia As H-Shares Snap Historic Streak, Japan Dives

But hey, who cares, right? After all: “America first”.

Money Laundering.

What to say about Tuesday? Well, a lot actually.

Do Yourself A Favor And Don’t Ignore The BoJ, Ok?

What’s in a word or, in this case, four words?

If You Were Japanese, Would You Go On A Spending Spree To Celebrate Your Massive Bitcoin And Equity Gains?

…what we wanted to point out are the multiple layers of irony here.

Kitchen Sink.

Everything but…

It’s All Overbought! Here, Look…

So is there anything that’s not overbought?

Well, yes.

Hell Hath No (Fire And) Fury.

Up, up and away, but remember…

Reservoir Dogs.

“He’s just gonna decide – out of the blue! – to rip us off?”