Tentative Evidence

Thursday brought more tentative evidence to support the contention that the US labor market's cooling. Although far from conclusive, particularly given the proximity of a payrolls print with the potential to tip the scales decisively one way or another, the second-highest initial jobless claims reading since August argued the slowdown case. At 229,000, claims were only higher once since last summer: Early last month, when a seasonal spike pushed the headline print above 230,000. The four-we

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3 thoughts on “Tentative Evidence

  1. The images you have for your articles are amazing, maybe it’s just me but it seems like they’ve ramped up a notch over the last couple months, well done!

    1. The AIs are improving. Rapidly. It’s quite something to behold. A year ago, some of these models could barely sketch a bear without screwing something up. Now they get even complicated requests almost exactly right on the first or second try. Of course, it’s not free to use them. But it’s worth it.

      1. Definitely worth it, the home page looks great! Can’t help but wonder where technology is taking us. I read alot of science fiction, the possibilities are endless.

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