AI Isn’t A Bubble Yet, One Bank Says

There's no shortage of bubble talk in 2024 and with Nvidia now more valuable than Apple (according to "Mr. Market," anyway), you can expect the decibel level around such banter to increase as we head into the summer. Generally speaking, critics argue that while the widespread adoption of AI may well presage a productivity boom at some point, and while we might indeed be witnessing the dawn of a new technological epoch, it's early days and late-cycle. That is: A recession's likely before the rev

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2 thoughts on “AI Isn’t A Bubble Yet, One Bank Says

  1. This describes the greatest concern I have about my investment portfolio right now.
    I am not a professional and have “Forrest Gumped” my way into seven of my nine individual tech stocks doing really, really well. (Come on, Amazon!).
    My “luck” tends to be on the stock picking side. My simple rule has been when I think prices can’t possibly go lower, I wait 3 trading days to buy. So far, it has worked like a charm.
    On the “monetize” side of the equation, I am not as lucky, as I tend to be “too early”. So this time, I am playing mental games with myself so I don’t sell. So far these mental games are working- but I know a day of reckoning is approaching. I just have no idea if that day is next week or in the next decade.

  2. Political environments are completely different from 2000s. e.g., US sanctions UAE’s G42 group for collaboration with a hostile entity (Hxxx).

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