I doubt anyone came away from this week wiser. By Friday afternoon in the US, the S&P was on track to close mostly flat for the week, a result that belied both a uniformly hawkish message from Fed officials and another blowout report from Nvidia. In other words: It wasn't necessarily a "quiet" week. Things just netted out to "unchanged." Next week may not offer anything definitive either. The second estimate of Q1 US GDP's due, as is an update on the Fed's preferred price gauges, but those

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2 thoughts on “Inconclusive

  1. Slicing through it all, here is how I evaluate my investment portfolio:
    We have had about 20% cumulative inflation since 2020. I always hope to get at least a 7% inflation-adjusted return.
    Using simple math- that means one needs to be up about 50% since covid (prior to considering any deposits or withdrawals) just to have achieved an annual 7% after-inflation return.

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