Smotrich Versus Yellen

This is all "very simple," but -- wouldn't you know it! -- a lot of people don't seem to understand it. Or are pretending not to. But that's ok, because Bezalel Smotrich's more than willing to explain. By way of a straw man. And a flamethrower. The Palestinian Authority's financial system, such as it is, "is infected with terrorism up to its neck." The US Treasury frowns on anyone caught transacting with intermediaries suspected of financing terrorism. In this case, "frowns on" means "tends to

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12 thoughts on “Smotrich Versus Yellen

    1. If I understand your meaning of “ultimate sacrifice “, no, life is ambiguity, life is both viewpoints. Is this not what humans constantly refuse to acknowledge?

  1. I didn’t realise that PA “banks”/financial entities, while blacklisted, yet using Israeli banks for clearing/transfers. It does seem grotesque… and the US/Western position is patently ridiculous – we won’t sully ourselves with dealing with these terrorist-adjacent people but we’ll protest if Israel stops doing so.

    1. You do know who Smotrich is, right? I don’t want to traffic in ad hominem here, but I do think it’s important to be apprised about the character of the man with whom you’re agreeing. He’s — how should I put this? — not famous for decorum.

      Also, who do you think it was who let the infamous suitcases full of Qatari cash find their way to Hamas? Hint: It wasn’t “the West,” nor was it the PA.

      1. This is a direct quote from Smotrich in 2015: “The Palestinian Authority is a burden, and Hamas is an asset.”


        1. Oops indeed and that’d be a fair reply for Yellen to make. The West/the EU at least apparently gave plenty of cash, billions over the year, to Gaza/Hamas. Whether we use Israeli banks to transit the funds, I do not know.

          The situation is definitely messy but I still want us to be (as) consistent (as possible). Either the PA (and/or Hamas) is/are legitimate representative of the Palestinians or they aren’t.

          Either they are terrorists or they are not. We should make up our minds as to which it is.

          And I say that as someone who doesn’t automatically condemn terrorist tactics inasmuch as, if you’re the underdog, you may not have the choice of fighting fair.

      2. I didn’t but I’m well aware that they are far right (fascist/racist/Jewish-supremacist) individuals in Israel’s government. That doesn’t mean they cannot make a good point, on occasion.

        Apparently, he’s also an homophobe. You won’t be surprised to know I don’t agree with that stance of his either.

        1. No, it doesn’t mean he can’t make a good point. But ol’ Bezalel isn’t a guy you’d want to invite to dinner.

          1. Agreed and I wouldn’t dream of it, no matter the length of my spoon, unless I was a head of state and thus had no choice. As a non significant citizen, it’s all theoretical.

            NB: Do you read Matt Yglesias? I do, for the YIMBY takes and the “govern or at least advertise from the center, you nitwits” message but the latest on Israel is pretty good and not too far off my own take.


  2. Seems like it’s become all the rage to claim prosecutorial or judicial overreach rather than changing your behavior or even just pleading the fifth. If the tide is going against you, it’s not your fault because everything’s a rigged and hypocritical conspiracy. Perpetrators are victims and anyone making allegations or accusations is actually the guilty party.

    Next up: solve climate change by banning mention of it.

    1. First climate change was a “Chinese Hoax pushed by China to weaken America.” (DJT) Subsequent reality on the ground in Florida and Texas has led some people in those states to begrudgingly accept that it may not be a hoax.

      But the true MAGAlites and conspiracy fans have another explanation: a friend from that world breathlessly informed me that the crazy weather is due to … …. two climate control centers run by Bill Gates.

      I’ll give him credit – when I informed him that it was not Gates behind it but rather the damn Canadians who are trying to drive up demand and prices for their energy exports he chuckled and replied “well, ya know we all like to blame Bill gates for everything bad.”

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