Ebrahim Raisi, Iranian President, Killed In Helicopter Crash

Deservedly or not, the Iranian government's suffered its share of high-profile casualties over the past several years. It's sometimes useful to distinguish between the "government" and the "regime," although that's obviously a distinction without a difference in most cases, given that even "moderate" government officials are in the regime maintenance business. The losses you hear and read about are mostly on the regime side. Iran's lost a lot of generals, most notably the general, Qassem Solei

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3 thoughts on “Ebrahim Raisi, Iranian President, Killed In Helicopter Crash

  1. Wow. If they are dead and and not roaming around the mountains after the “hard landing”, what are the implications?

    1. Probably few. There will be elections within 6 months superior to the US system), and in any case, the country is run by its chairman of the board of directors, namely Ali Khamenei

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