Pet Appreciation Day

"We are working in solidarity on the formulation of a more just and democratic multipolar world order," Vladimir Putin said Thursday in Beijing, where he spent the day commiserating with Moscow's Chinese benefactors. Do take a moment to appreciate the sheer, blatant absurdity on display: Here are two dictators, one of whom doesn't even pretend to preside over a democracy, the other creates choiceless elections by assassinating political opponents, claiming for themselves the right to define the

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13 thoughts on “Pet Appreciation Day

  1. It took your mention of the marching band for me to realize that, rather than holding rifles, those soldiers are wielding clarinets. There’s at least 10 of them, which makes the most clarinets I’ve ever seen in any band of any kind. Behind them stands a phalanx of saxophones, demonstrating the fullness of China’s dominance of the woodwind section. And then I saw it, there at the end of the row: the fabled lone marching oboe. The prophesy has been fulfilled.

    1. Gary Kasparov says the cold war was ww3, and if we have a true hot war, it will be ww4. I think the cold war was in remission, and was diagnosed as returning in 2008…I think the cold war is the “normal ” state of affairs…Incidentally, I am told the pressure at the southern border is well representated with people from China….

      1. For a few weeks Donald Trump and the right-wing media have been screaming about the influx of “working age” Chinese men. He opines that it is part of a PRC plot to form a fifth column militia here.

    1. I didn’t explain myself, but it seems likely that Putin, possibly with the support of Xi, will want to assert himself there to enrich himself (not necessarily the Russian people) from oil prospects.

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