Statistics Bulletin Makes Headlines

Mind the fifth decimal place! Parse the nuance! Run the whole thing through a supercomputer! Ask ChatGPT! Traders, investors and market participants of all shapes and sizes (carbon-based and otherwise), as well as dismal science practitioners and financial journalists everywhere, were glued to their monitors (and their social media feeds) at 8:30 AM New York time on Wednesday, when the BLS released the most important US CPI report since... well, since the last one. The circus around these rele

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7 thoughts on “Statistics Bulletin Makes Headlines

    1. Yes, the patented Heisenberg touch. Report on the same things everyone else does, but make it uniquely engaging and poignant and snarky all at once. Well worth the price of admission.

  1. The fact that these slowdowns in the level of price increases is just that – a slowdown from ridiculously high levels – seems lost on a lot of the Street.

  2. I have spent 60 years building empirical data models to predict the future in politics (where I started), rates, inflation and commodities in the 70’s I was (am) among the best, making billions. However as H points out, these numbers are all basically BS – certainly more art than science. What is scary is that AI and Blockchain, all crypto badrock, is a kind of fluff and the more weight we put on these things, the more we are kidding ourselves. Of course we can make returns using these mathematical tecniques, but when they are applied to human mental processes and decisions, it is all a mirage. We humans are more f…ed up than ever and more ignorant than ever, but are still in charge.

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