Tariff Men

Blame China. It worked for the other guy, maybe it can work for us too. According to the latest polling from The New York Times, Joe Biden's trailing Donald Trump in five key battleground states amid widespread disaffection with the economy and growing disillusionment among young voters as well as African Americans and Hispanics. As Nate Cohn noted, the battleground polling looks a lot like it did six months ago, which suggests Biden hasn't benefited from a 25% rally on Wall Street, nor from T

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2 thoughts on “Tariff Men

  1. “the existential crisis facing some working-class white males in the country is a complex phenomenon that can’t be blamed on any one factor or external antagonist.”

    You’re right, it can’t be blamed on any one factor (in fact) but it is anyway (in fiction). The right wing media has conditioned this demographic to blame every problem, including this one, on the democrats. That conditioning is so ingrained that there is literally nothing Biden can do or say to overcome it. I fear this conditioning is so well constructed that the only way to break it would be to break down everyone who has succumbed to it.

    1. There are numerous examples of Trump voters being falsely told about Biden doing something that Trump actually did, and they are disgusted and/or consider it a waste of time and resources. At the same time, when falsely told about Trump doing something that Biden actually did, they love and support it and say “it’s about time.” I don’t know how you fix that. Usually, a cult has to “fix” itself with some combination of Kool-Aid or fire or imagined rapture of some kind. Maybe Speaker Johnson can engineer a soft landing of his own for the cult, since he believes that not only is THE rapture coming, but also that he may be the chosen master of the universe’s eschatological plan. Godspeed Mike.

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