The Graveyard

Picture this. You're huddled with your children and extended family in a tent where you've been living for the past four months. The tent's not real, it's makeshift, so it leaks, and the river of sewage outside the front flap seeps up through the bottom. The dimensions would sleep three comfortably, but there are nine of you in there. The only reason your two children ate this week is because you didn't. And two children is one less than you had in January. The third's buried under the rubble of

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4 thoughts on “The Graveyard

  1. When an infestation of rats chews its way into your cellar you don’t quit in the middle of the job of getting rid of them and their home.

    1. Equating Gazans with vermin I see. You really stumbled into a bad joke there, Lee. Hopefully, other readers will spare you and not point it out. No promises, though. This can be a tough crowd.

    2. I assume you’re quoting from Hamas leadership’s motivational speech to the troops before launching their attack on October 7?

      It makes it so much easier to kill people when you first tell yourself they’re not people. You just have to keep telling yourself over and over and over. Do it enough times, and you’ll eventually start to believe it for real.

  2. I am struck by the dichotomy between the notion that Palestinians should just turn on Hamas and rid themselves of its leadership, and yet Israelis aren’t held to the same fantasy in just removing Netanyahu and his militant hard-liners, despite being imminently more able to do so (i.e., not running for their lives and starving, and polling sites not currently all rubble and sand). From my vantage point, it appears that the Palestinians are caught between two terroristic groups, with no ability to control either, and a choice between being quickly buried to death or slowly starved to death. This civilization of ours has truly come a long way.

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