Chamberlain Or Churchill?

"Put those damn flags away," 34-year-old Anna Paulina Luna sneered, as Democrats waived miniature Ukrainian banners on the House floor following a 311-112 bipartisan vote to green light $60 billion in new aid to Kyiv. Luna, a born-again right-wing incendiary whose personal rebranding exercise remains the subject of some debate, counts herself among the vexatious Republican extremity which continues to bedevil America's legislative process. That contingent of lawmakers spent months blocking desp

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13 thoughts on “Chamberlain Or Churchill?

  1. Good to see Paulina Luna out herself as a fellow traveling Putin lover. Willing to bet her favorite Beatles song is “Back in the USSR.”

    1. mfn- I don’t take a backseat to any of my friends in being a Putin detractor, and Back in the U.S.S.R. IIs my favorite Beatles song.

      1. Ironically, it was the election that proved racism against black people was on its last legs, if not entirely a figment of our past, and thus, high times in the eyes of some to revive it before it was truly buried and gone forever …

  2. Interesting to see where Mike Johnson goes from here. He’ll probably need Democratic support to keep his Speakership, which suggest more compelled bi-partisanship may be forthcoming.

    1. Oh he’ll definitely need democratic support. I think the democrats will feel it’s in their interest to give it to him. Hopefully that does lead legislation that is broadly agreed on getting passed. The republicans who voted no and are outraged that bills enjoying super-majorities in both houses of congress were passed aren’t a particularly good look for the GOP for the small slice of voters whose minds aren’t already decided in my opinion.

    2. Totally agree. At this point, I think Dems would rather have Mike Johnson for the eight months left before a new Congress is seated than utter chaos. I’m thinking Dems, running on sanity and a pretty good economy and against far-right abortion extremism figure they’ll be able to take back the House in November and install Hakeem Jeffries as Speaker in January.

    3. Reading suggestions (mere wish-casting?) that “traditional” Republicans may be emboldened by this. I think there are few or no Congressional districts where supporting Ukraine is going to cost anyone their seat.

      1. Get out of urban areas. Plenty of folks in MAGAland speak of “the corrupt Ukrainian regime” rather than the defenders of democracy.

        1. Hard to argue with MAGAland that it makes no sense to support “the corrupt Ukrainian regime” before we ensure the safety and survival of Hungarians in Transcarpathia. Last I heard the Hungarians were being treated “very tough” by corrupt vampires and other socialists.

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