Israel, US Dismantle Soleimani Network In Shadow War With Iran

Even before this week's strike on its embassy in Damascus, Iran's losses were mounting. Beginning in late December, Israel began targeting IRGC and Hezbollah personnel in Syria to increasingly dramatic effect. Next door, the US selectively picked off top commanders from the confederation of Quds-allied militias that comprise the Islamic Resistance in Iraq. The most well-known of those militias is Kataib Hezbollah, the group founded by Mahdi al-Muhandis, who was killed on January 3, 2020, when t

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3 thoughts on “Israel, US Dismantle Soleimani Network In Shadow War With Iran

  1. Thank you, H. I appreciate these not-so-side notes on the inner workings of Middle East activity. We ignore them at our peril, and it’s helpful to read someone’s take on them that puts some macro perspective on them, or at least puts them out there for us in context to weave into our own macro perspective.

    1. I agree, but in my view none of these people in the news in the middle east can be considered leaders any longer. They are all just killer terrorists, on all sides. Sixty-five years ago my mother, an active church-going Christian and historian, always to told me that what has been going on since we killed Saddam is just what she predicted would be just how the end of civilization would begin.

  2. It’s nteresting that there is increasingly a push to target top commanders directly (rather than wasting time and effort on nameless, replaceable grunts).

    At first I thought this might be better–“cleaner” war, with far less deaths overall. But I think the real goal here is to deter decision makers. There’s no longer any desire to actually solve any conflicts, just shatter any feeling of invincibility in the minds of those with the power to opposed you. Nothing big picture changes, but your opponents’ leaders are now afraid of their shadows, afraid to act, fearful that the entire world is somehow under your jurisdiction.

    Sounds kind of terrifying when all the great powers start doing this to one another… And I think we’re already seeing that begin

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