Fed Gets Good News On Good Friday

The American consumer was undeterred last month and price pressures were a bit less acute than some feared, top-tier US data released into Friday's holiday void showed. Personal spending rose a brisk 0.8% in February, the BEA said. That was much quicker than the 0.5% consensus expected and matched the highest estimate from nearly six-dozen economists. Real personal spending was likewise ahead of consensus, running 0.4% versus 0.1% expected. The figures came on the heels of GDP revisions whi

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2 thoughts on “Fed Gets Good News On Good Friday

  1. Smart people keep saying the three bears went on extended vacation and will not be returning any time soon, leaving Goldilocks to indulge …

    1. When the last 3 bears (excluding Albert Edwards of course) reluctantly throw in their towels, admit defeat and start foraging, Albert will get to say he was right as the bottom falls out. When is anybody’s guess.

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