In Moscow: Murder

On March 7, the US Embassy in Moscow issued a security alert. "The Embassy is monitoring reports that extremists have imminent plans to target large gatherings in Moscow, to include concerts," it read. US citizens were advised to "avoid" such events. On Tuesday, during remarks to the FSB, Vladimir Putin accused the US of "obvious blackmail" in connection with the warning, which he said was issued "to intimidate and destabilize" the Russian populace. He also said Ukraine was plotting attacks in

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7 thoughts on “In Moscow: Murder

  1. Damn, your last paragraph makes too much sense.

    But, but, but … if he takes it as an opportunity, will it upset our low volatility wonderland? That’s all that matters to the algos.

    1. Perhaps as part for the long-running unrest and rebellion in the Caucasus. Predominately Muslim areas. Every now & then some groups in those nations resort to terrorism.

      It once was Chechens committing acts in Moscow but they were bought off and a strong Moscow-friendly leader installed. Now the nightlife in Grozny is wild. But other regions are more restive.

      The west pretty much tolerated Russian efforts to suppress the uprisings because, after all, we are talking about Muslims.

    1. That’s what the assasinated defector Alexander Litvinenko claimed in his books. Whether Putin organized those events or not, he sure did use them for political gains.

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