Risk Appetite Highest Since ‘Everything Bubble,’ Key Poll Shows

One of 2024's defining characteristics so far is a discernible similarity between the market environment and the speculative mania that prevailed in 2021, year of the so-called "everything bubble." The comparison isn't perfect by any stretch. Some would suggest it isn't a parallel at all. But even if you don't see a bubble, you'd be remiss not to at least acknowledge the echoes, which are particularly loud in equities and crypto. Bottom line: From a bird's-eye view (see what I did there?) it's

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One thought on “Risk Appetite Highest Since ‘Everything Bubble,’ Key Poll Shows

  1. Is the rally running on fumes? Signs it might be: sharp TSLA move down, NVDA reversal from intra-day highs on March 8 and pre-market action today following yesterday’s GTC event, SMH down sharply from intra-day high on March 8, BTC action in pre-market (down sharply). My bet is that Powell will strike a hawkish tone tomorrow — and markets won’t like it.

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