No Questions Asked

The regime in Beijing will do what's necessary to foster high-quality growth and common prosperity for China's 1.4 billion (and falling) people. No questions asked. Literally on that latter bit. There will be no questions asked. For the first time since... well, for the first time ever, for all intents and purposes, the Chinese premier won't convene a press conference following the National People's Congress. Lou Qinjian, a Party spokesperson, broke the news on Monday, a day before Li Qiang was

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2 thoughts on “No Questions Asked

  1. The best thing the US can do is keep our border open to any Chinese who want to come to the US. In 2022 (I couldn’t find 2023 stats), 110,000 Chinese came into the US-of which 68,000 were students. All students should have an easy path to staying and working in the US. Let them bring their wealth, as well – even if that is via bitcoin.

  2. Xi may be onto something — maybe the best way to stop “fake news” is to stop “fake questions.” It is an approach Biden certainly seems to be pursuing with his lack of press conferences.

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