Strategy For A Crucial, All-Important Week

New week, same debates. The sparse color on offer Monday trod familiar ground as traders and investors eyed a crowded data calendar that includes an update on the Fed's preferred price gauge. Who's excited?! Pretend, ok? You have to pretend. It's possible, I suppose, that market pricing for the Fed in 2024 could recede such that traders no longer expect three full quarter-point cuts. We're dealing in hypotheticals here so I won't dwell on the point, but that'd be a watershed if it were to happ

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3 thoughts on “Strategy For A Crucial, All-Important Week

  1. Can you comment on short term rates with regard to the dwindling reverse repo facility and the “treadmill” that the Fed is now on with $7T (up from $2T in 2017, per WSJ this AM) of short term T-Bills that are constantly in need of refinancing.

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