Don’t Short A Bubble Exhibit 275 Billion

I don't want to pile insult atop injury for the earnest skeptics and well-meaning bubble watchers out there, but... well, the writing was on the wall with Nvidia. In large letters. They were gonna beat. It was just a matter of by how much and whether it'd be enough to drive another leg higher for the stock. Notwithstanding my sincere appreciation for the sense of generalized incredulity that some market participants harbored vis-à-vis the rapidity and scope of the rally, you don't want to shor

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9 thoughts on “Don’t Short A Bubble Exhibit 275 Billion

  1. When you’re right, you’re right 🙂

    But in all seriousness, your writing has helped me immensely in avoiding traps that I used to fall into like being a perma-bear and assuming I can determine when a stock that keeps going up will come back down.

  2. If these outsize gains in market cap don’t characterize a bubble, which I generally agree with, it sure seems to confirm that the FAANG and Mag7 phenomena have at least cemented the foundation of our growing oligarchy. Setting aside inflation, it used to take a charmed lifetime to amass a billion dollars. Now these guys are adding in eleven-figure chunks in under a year. You know what they say — “Easy come, easy come.”

    1. You couldn’t pay me enough to be the owner of a $70 billion fortune. The sheer stress of waking up to that every day would drive me absolutely crazy in the space of a month.

  3. “human civilization is the biggest bubble history has ever known.” – just could be the biggest understatement ever seen on these pages.

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