‘No Future, No Hope, Nothing’: Aleksei Navalny Dead At 47

Aleksei Navalny's gone. He keeled over and died Friday after taking a stroll around Polar Wolf. "All necessary resuscitation measures were taken," Russia's Federal Penitentiary Service said in a statement. Those measures "did not lead to positive results." The cause of death was unknown. Let me try again. The cause of death was, and is, absolutely known: Navalny was Vladimir Putin's most prominent living critic. In the context of Putin, "living" isn't an adjective that's compatible with "criti

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6 thoughts on “‘No Future, No Hope, Nothing’: Aleksei Navalny Dead At 47

  1. In the age of constant propaganda flows, being principled and accurate about the dangers of a despot buy you nothing. Navalny should serve as a cautionary tale to any who would follow in his footsteps in the US during Trump term 2. Even if you are correct and principled and care about your nation, the people are too addicted to the propaganda teet and doom scrolling to do anything about it.

    It’s a death sentence because you are right.

  2. It seems that Navalny had decided that his best chance to help his fellow Russians, in the long run, was through martyrdom.
    When he returned to Russia, he must have already decided that he was not only willing to die for what he loved, but that he wanted to be physically present in the country he loved.

    Tolstoy would have done wonders with this piece of history.

  3. On point, I personally never agreed with his decision to return, admirable but such a waste. Putin is now essentially 9 months from total victory if US presidential polls prove accurate.

  4. Seems like some water testing this past week. Carlson interviews Putin. Trump threatens NATO. GOP squashes Ukraine aid. GOP hysterically reveals Russia has space satellite nukers. Putin kills Navalny.

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