Easy Money: A Quick Earnings Season Recap And A Word On Dividends

Guess what? Earnings season in the US went fine. Surprised? No? Me neither. I don't know why anybody bothers sometimes. This is just a game. And it's rigged. Not in an illegal or overtly nefarious way, just in that kind of way where the outcome is in most cases controllable by the people with a vested interest in a good result: Management teams and company analysts on Wall Street. So, of course companies tend to "beat" estimates. With around 80% of S&P market cap reporting, 57% of companie

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One thought on “Easy Money: A Quick Earnings Season Recap And A Word On Dividends

  1. After seeing investors reward META for initiating a dividend, that optionality is a positive for GOOG AMZN and the other skinflint cash flow-rich names facing maturing growth at high valuations. No-one seems to think that initiating a dividend as an alternative way to return cash to shareholders implies anything about management’s view of the stock price.

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