‘Warning’: The Era Of Free Money Might Be Over Forever

I always hesitate to say this or that "bothers" me. Because that'd be disingenuous. There are drawbacks (to put it mildly) to life as a solitudinarian. But there are perks too, one of which is that solitude, if it doesn't drive you to suicide, can be conducive to serenity. And serenity, if it lasts long enough, is anesthetizing. By now, after nearly a decade, I'm anesthetized. So, nothing much truly bothers me. I'm perturbed occasionally by socioeconomic injustices and certainly by the prevale

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2 thoughts on “‘Warning’: The Era Of Free Money Might Be Over Forever

  1. Nice timing (on Meta)!
    Are you considering offering a super subscription service for specific buys/sells on individual stocks (haha)? Maybe offering us Meta was your enticement 🙂
    I own a few individual tech stocks that I am starting to get nervous over still owning- the problem is, every day, when I look, they are still going up….

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