Inflation Expectations Drop Most Since 2009, Sentiment Soars

If markets needed a dovish offset for a warm US jobs report, a meaningful deceleration in inflation expectations might fit the bill. Although I personally doubt the overshoot on November's headline pace of hiring in the US changed the macro narrative, there was some consternation that the incrementally robust read on the labor market could give the Fed cause to push back on 2024 rate cut speculation more aggressively. Of course, that sort of speculation is contingent on inflation, and in that

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3 thoughts on “Inflation Expectations Drop Most Since 2009, Sentiment Soars

  1. Nobody surveyed me at Walmuerto in Chapel Hill yesterday when I was looking at a $1.50 for a tiny can of mushroom pieces and $1.97 for some olives, both far above their spring prices……

    1. I’m guessing you’d have left a similar comment regardless of what those mushroom stems cost you. If it wasn’t the mushroom stems at Walmart, it’d have been paint thinner at Lowe’s or a $4 greeting card at Walgreens. Point being, your comments are infallibly snarky and always anecdotal, which I can appreciate because I’m inclined to the exact same sort of world view, but the implicit suggestion (i.e., that your anecdotes are indicative of “reality” while the most respected consumer sentiment survey in the country is somehow dubious) is, well, dubious.

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