$26 Billion Pours Into US Stock Funds Amid Sentiment Shift

They were buying stocks over the last week. Equity sentiment inflected for the better this month amid a tone shift in the bond market, where a run of cool US macro data favored duration bulls and emboldened dovish rates bets. Because bonds were the proximate cause of equities' consternation, rates relief translated directly into what BofA's Michael Hartnett described as an "epic risk rally off the October 27 lows." "Epic" might be an exaggeration, but 9% on the S&P in the space of three we

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2 thoughts on “$26 Billion Pours Into US Stock Funds Amid Sentiment Shift

  1. H-Man, as duly noted in your previous posts, maybe fade it after December when this run may be over. Sentiment and flow are strong while no news on the horizon to sink the ship between now and January.

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