Stocks And The 2024 Election: An Early Preview

2024 is an election year is the US. Maybe you're aware. If this US presidential election is anything like the last one, the world is in for a circus. As far as anyone can tell, 2024 will be exactly like 2020 in the most important respect: The candidates will be the same. A Trump-Biden rematch is all but assured. According to prediction markets, anyway. Trump is, of course, under criminal indictment. For most presidential hopefuls, that'd be problematic, but as New York Magazine put it over

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8 thoughts on “Stocks And The 2024 Election: An Early Preview

  1. My big out-on-a-limb prediction for the next 12 months is that Biden won’t be on the ballot come next November. It’s not because of any one specific reason; rather, it’s because there are enough paths to that outcome it becomes a probable outcome.

    It’s like someone on October 1 predicting war will break out at some point in the next 12 months. They might not have had “War in Gaza” at the top of their list, but it was definitely one of many geopolitical hot spots that were on the list. At least one of the items on that list was bound to pop off at some point.

    Reasons Biden might not be on the ballot:

    1) A medical event. POTUS having access to the highest quality health care on earth notwithstanding, 81 year old bodies have a way of breaking down in sudden and unpredictable ways.

    2) Hunter Biden blowback. Thus far the evidence against Hunter, and evidence linking his activities to Joe, are weak. There’s a reason McCarthy didn’t want to bring impeachment proceedings–he knows there’s no smoking gun. While I don’t think there’s any there there, something (or someone) could always turn up that blows things wide open.

    3) Primary shocker. There are other people on the primary ballot. They’re people no one has ever heard of, and they’re getting no media attention, but they’re on the ballot. What happens if 30% of South Carolina Democratic primary voters decide to tick someone else’s name just to send the message that they’d rather the nominee be anyone but Biden? The next day, it’ll be nothing but headlines screaming, “Candidate McCandidateface scores 30% of the vote in shocking primary result!” After that, who knows what happens.

    4) The That-Was-The-Plan-All-Along scenario. If Biden doesn’t actually want to run again, but wants to maximize the chances for his hand-picked successor to succeed, he just waits until the last possible second to drop out, endorses his personal choice, and gifts them his entire campaign operation. By then it’d be too late for anyone else to build up an operation, and his choice would win the nomination by default. It’s hard to imagine who that choice would be if not Kamala, but who knows.

    5) Something I haven’t thought of yet.

    Gavin Newsom’s non-campaign campaigning seems to have this very idea in mind. Just in case things open up, he wants to be as ready as possible.

    Anyway, it’s a bit like predicting a black swan. You’re usually going to be wrong, and there’s no cost to you for being wrong, but that one time when you’re right, you look like a genius. Anyway, I’m putting my prediction out there now, we shall see.

    1. 6) The Intervention: The pantheon of Democratic party leadership, including Obama, sits him down and tells him he has to drop out for the good of the country or else they won’t be his friends anymore and he’s disinvited from family Thanksgiving dinner.

  2. My prediction goes the other way. Trump loses the election interference case and runs up against the 14th Amendment disqualification with months to go before the election. Nikki Haley becomes the Republican front runner and builds quick momentum under the sudden spotlight.

    1. I don’t see the 14th amendment third section coming into play. That would ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court, and I think they would find, on a 9-0 vote, that it didn’t apply. Unlike the merely descriptive “high crimes and misdemeanors,” insurrection refers to actually codified laws. While Trump has been charged with breaking an entire raft of different laws, insurrection isn’t among them. The same is true for the January 6 rioters. Without a guilty finding by a court of law, I don’t think the courts would agree to disqualify a candidate; otherwise, you could just accuse anyone of “insurrection,” on whatever flimsy grounds, and try to keep them off the ballot.

      What Trump is accused of is election interference. Insurrection = attempting to overthrow the legitimately elected government, while election interference = trying to change the outcome of an election. It might seem like a distinction without difference, but to the courts (which are all that matters), it’s a world of difference. With election interference, you’re implicitly acknowledging that the winner of the election is the legitimate authority, and thus you’re trying to swing that win to yourself through illegitimate means. In an insurrection, you’re implicitly acknowledging that you are not the legitimate authority, and you’re trying to overthrow them, replacing them with someone else. This, ironically, is a case where Trump’s continued insistence that he was the legitimate winner of the 2020 election actually helps him. You can’t overthrow yourself if you’re the legitimate government after all.

      Even the “Proud Boys” (I always snicker when I hear that name) weren’t charged with insurrection; rather, they were charged with sedition. It’s a close cousin, but has more to do with taking up arms against the US Government & trying to prevent it from carrying out the law of the land.

      1. Dude, I’d strongly suggest you stop reading the right wing extremist rags. Nearly half of what you said is false, the other conjecture with no/minimal basis in legal scholarship. It is however the right wing extremist talking points pushed on numerous platforms hoping that enough people believe this false narrative that it will have a political benefit to trump.

        The only thing you said that was founded in reality and legal scholarship is that SCOTUS will determine the 14th Amendment issue. A plain-word straight-forward interpretation of the constitution says that trump is not eligible for federal office. Three of the judges on the court are Originalists who claim to support a plain-word straight-forward interpretation of the constitution. Three other judges believe in the rule of law and will likely side with protecting the constitution and American Democracy. 2 judges are whores and will do whatever their billionaire overlords tell them. Roberts is a wild card. Trump’s legal team has an uphill battle from a legal perspective with their strongest argument being it’s never been done before (which is a meaningful claim). It’s completely unclear at this point how this will play out.

        PS- You’ll notice that most of the legal scholars who say the 14th amendment has no relevance to trump are all funded by various right wing “think tanks”, meaning they are paid shills of the billionaire class to spread their propaganda. However independent legal scholars willing to take a position mostly say trump is not eligible regardless of the expert’s party affiliation.

  3. Maga and democracy are not compatible, nor are autocracy and capitalism. Those who would elect maga out of an abundance of hatred toward the enemy (libtards snowflakes regulation etc…) will be crushed when it dawns on them that they are no longer needed by their supreme king president except to work as assassins for the new terrorist leadership government. There is no glory in civil war, and these are glory hounds first and foremost. bar none. As the duped fight between themselves and against their own resident democracy lovers, the new maga government will bring in foreign fighters and mercenaries to police the disaffected defectors from. Markets? ha ha ha ha ha!

  4. Next year is going to be very interesting. As such, I’m starting to think the “Chinese Curse” was actually a prophecy about 21st Century America. I’m also working on an exit plan to gain citizenship is another country.

    FYI- in case anyone was wondering “May you live in interesting times” apparently has no roots in Chinese culture, and is a construct of creative British minds:

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