What To Expect From The September FOMC Meeting

Obviously, the Fed intends to keep rates on hold at this week's policy gathering. Several officials recently indicated they'd rather not raise rates again, or at least not right now, and the Fed anyway isn't in the business of surprising markets. There's virtually no rate hike premium priced into this week's meeting. Most importantly (and try not to laugh), The Wall Street Journal's Nick Timiraos hasn't suggested otherwise. The Committee's hawks will doubtlessly ask Jerome Powell not to say an

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2 thoughts on “What To Expect From The September FOMC Meeting

  1. “key point: A lot of the price increases seen during 2021 and 2022 are still in the damn price and will remain so forever”

    This has been on my mind lately. I’m starting to get the sense we’re on the verge of a wage-price spiral. UPS drivers total comp of $170k. Auto workers turning down a 40% pay increase. All warranted as labor has been essentially frozen out of the wealth gains for the past 4 decades. Yes, unions are a small portion of total labor, but we’re in a pretty severe labor shortage and non-labor employees are likely started to think maybe they should be looking for more. Maybe barely staving of a life of poverty isn’t enough.

  2. A quick Google search says that the profit margin on the iPhone 14 pro max is 119%. It would absolutely be possible for Apple to assemble the iPhone in California and still make a profit, but it would be much less profit.

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