What’s Really Important On Apple Launch Day

Tuesday was a product launch day for Apple. In the normal course of business, I wouldn't spend a single second covering the specifics of the company's latest gadgets. I've been an Apple customer since the Classic, but even in pseudo-retirement, I'm far too "busy" for any proselytizing. And I anyway wouldn't have much to offer readers when it comes to explaining the relative merits of titanium side rails versus stainless steel, or elaborating on camera improvements. This time is different, thou

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2 thoughts on “What’s Really Important On Apple Launch Day

  1. Yeah, it’s going to be razor difficult for Apple to slowly wean itself off of China while not reaching the point where Xi can hurt Apple without having to worry too much about the internal impact.

    And I think you’re doing analyst a disfavor. I believe they are aware. They just don’t have anything constructive to say and they’re meant to be cheerleaders for stocks…

  2. Good points, sir. “Assembled in India” is similar to when Holden & the others assembled cars from kits in Australia. It’s a big difference from having a constellation of suppliers actually producing the parts in the country. That’ll take time. A lot of it.

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