War, Inflation And Chinese Shadow Banks

The war, European inflation and China's shadow banking demons were top of mind for market participants on Wednesday ahead of more key macro data out of the US. Ukrainian drones targeted half a dozen regions inside Russia, in what observers described as the most ambitious foray yet. A pair of military cargo planes sat in flames at an airport in Pskov. As The New York Times helpfully noted, Pskov "is home to a well known paratrooper division that was implicated in last year's massacre of civilian

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One thought on “War, Inflation And Chinese Shadow Banks

  1. Drone attacks inside Russia serve a further purpose of pinning down Russian air defenses. If Russia has to beef up anti-air defense to a couple dozen high-value locations inside Russian territory, that’s a lot of firepower not located on the front lines of the conflict, making things safer for the few aircraft Ukraine does have available.

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