The Not-So-Curious Case Of Foreign-Facing Stock Outperformance

Geopolitical tension is running high. Perhaps you noticed. The first three years of the 2020s were a perfect storm for de-globalization, which already had momentum thanks in no small part to the wave of populist sentiment that swept across Western democracies beginning around 2015. From a utilitarian perspective, globalization was unequivocally a positive development, but suffice to say that after two and a half decades, it looked like a Faustian bargain to a lot of lower-middle class voters i

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One thought on “The Not-So-Curious Case Of Foreign-Facing Stock Outperformance

  1. Thanks for another insightful post. Very good stuff. It is really interesting when taken info concerning just how many S&P firms rely heavily on overseas sales. These companies have overseas competitors, of course, and as we reduce our cooperation with overseas partners, we unwittingly provide cover for those competitors to make inroads into those offshore sales.

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