Forget Bretton Woods 2 And 3. Try ‘Deep Dark Woods’ Instead

If you've never been to Asheville, North Carolina, but you've heard of it, I'm not sure I'd recommend going out of your way. It overpromises and under-delivers, in my opinion. To be sure, Asheville isn't going to land on any "must-visit" lists for global travelers, and it isn't especially likely to attract any modern day Clark Griswolds subjecting their families to torturous cross-country road trips either. But it does have a dedicated cult following, and if you spend any time living anywhere n

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7 thoughts on “Forget Bretton Woods 2 And 3. Try ‘Deep Dark Woods’ Instead

  1. Asheville is nice. But a good option for a getaway might be a rental off-season in a Vermont ski condo. Time is friendly for housing and auto affordability. It is highly likely that those prices will lag nominal wage growth as it has done previously. Demographics probably will prevent a nominal price collapse in most places, but real prices will likely be lower.

  2. While I appreciate Every’s commentary, the US murder rate is significantly lower that it was in the 80s and early 90s, although it has risen quickly the last few years. I’m actually now curious what was the homicide rate in medieval Europe?

  3. If you live where I think you live- having a second home that you can completely relocate to from about June- September would be ideal. The Rocky mountains are a beautiful place to live in tbe summer.

  4. Porto looks nice . . . maybe grab a digital nomad visa, or squeeze under the wire for a golden visa?

    My revolving list of criteria for the pied-a-terre:
    – Still livable at +2C
    – NATO membership
    – Not on the verge of fascism
    – Good healthcare

    1. My wife and I had a chance to move to Porto in 2016. Our hearts wanted to do it, but family responsibilities won out. We did go as far as visit, and for us at least it checked all the boxes…

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