Hold My Nukes

Russia's much discussed "offensive" in Ukraine either didn't materialize or, at best, didn't accomplish much. There's been no obvious shift in the frontlines, and as far as anyone can tell, the situation is every bit the intractable, blood-soaked quagmire it was three months ago, when Volodymyr Zelensky presented Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris with a battle flag signed by soldiers defending Bakhmut against wave after wave of suicidal assaults from the Wagner Group's motley crew of former priso

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3 thoughts on “Hold My Nukes

  1. From what I’ve read a group of prominent Russians once close to Putin have met with untimely deaths. The deaths are usually described as accidental but I seriously doubt that Putin is fooling anyone. Putin is now in the same league as Kim. Anyone who even hints at displeasure with the czar is doomed. However, Russia is not North Korea. If you get enough high ranking Russians worried enough about their own mortalities around someone who may be becoming somewhat unhinged, Putin’s death may be the way to extract Russia from what is becoming a very unpopular war. (And a way to clear a case against a war criminal the easy way.)

  2. I have no significant experience with international affairs beyond most on this site. While we are a group of informed, engaged, and reasonably bright citizens, I doubt many of us are trained in international affairs. So, my comments are limited by such. I strongly believe that Xi has told Putin, “No Nukes” regardless of how much Putin threatens. It’s such a game changer that even Xi couldn’t stand by Russia as that point.

  3. I am of the opinion that nuclear risk is higher than almost anyone will admit. The risk of Putin getting away with this war, and his war crimes, is just as great. So if winning or losing is too dangerous, I don’t think that means we should give Putin a stalemate. The world has learned what happens to tyrants who give up their WMD or never had them in the first place. Apparently, the world needs this lesson again. Putin is probably thinking I can deal with my enemies, but God protect me from my friends…..

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