Households Could Sell Up To $1.1 Trillion In Stocks: Goldman

Equities aren't the only game in town anymore when it comes to asset allocation. Maybe you noticed. Cash has poured into money market funds (so, cash into "cash," if you like) thanks recently to turmoil in the banking sector. But more broadly, the allure of 4%-5% yields on riskless, very-short-dated US government paper is hard to resist. Suffice to say "TINA" was a knock-on casualty of the mass acronym extinction brought on by soaring inflation and central banks' efforts to contain it. NIRP, Z

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One thought on “Households Could Sell Up To $1.1 Trillion In Stocks: Goldman

  1. Do households lean away from equities when yields are high because 1) they can get meaningful returns just by clipping coupons, or 2) high yields tend to send equity prices lower? It may make little practical difference, I suppose.

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